Destinations      Dining      Reservations

Destinations      Dining      Reservations

Why Us?

  1. We offer you the finest hospitality service at best rates.
  2. Collective range of restaurants with passionately curated menus and preserving the authenticity of cuisines.
  3. Multiple choice of banquets catering to all kind of events.
  4. Our premium, classic and budget category of hotels are carefully selected to make you feel at home.
  5. We have properties in every known location in the city.
  6. We give you an extensive itinerary for sight seeing at best rates.
  7. Le Galore hotels give you a whole new experience to view the city.


  1. The company focuses on sales with a very professional approach, emphasising on each segment of the sales & has an extensive team of approx dedicated 20-25 experienced profiles.
  2. The main expense of staff salary is distributed amongst the experts in any hotel which is taken care by the company.
  3. Advertisement & marketing can be done rigorously all around the year using every medium.   
  4. Purchase is done in much more discounted rates.
  5. No owner’s time is used.
  6. All responsibility of staff hiring etc. is taken care by the company.

* Hence in all better Revenue , better net profit and with less time spent.